What people are saying …

“You did a beautiful job, listing my bibliography and writing such a glowing introduction! I couldn’t be more pleased.” Jeanne Kalogridis, International Bestselling Author of Covenant with the Vampire, The Borgia Bride, The Burning Times, and over 30 other novels

“Wow Lisa, I cannot believe the beautiful and heartwarming interview you did for me on your blog! I am totally impressed and humbled, thank you!” Matt Patterson, Public Speaker and Multiple Award Winning and International Bestselling Author of “My Emily”

“Thanks for the awesome coverage!” C.V. Hunt, Paranormal Author of the Endlessly series

“In all the interviews I have ever done, never have I had such amazing coverage! I was blown away! Thanks!” Andrea Parnell, Romance and Suspense Author

“Wow! Awesome interview and blog! Loved it, thanks again!” Mandi Casey, author of Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick, Who Are You Calling a Vampire? and the popular blog, Mandi’s Paranormal Romance Blog!

“I was visiting the United States from Ireland and I met Lisa at a swimming pool in Florida of all places. She has helped me go from being a wannabe writer to having five books out now and multiple book signings. Several in America! I can’t believe it! I think I’m dreaming!”
*Chris Rush, International Bestselling Irish Horror Author of the newly released horror book “Folklore: The Second Tale”

“Lisa did copy editing on three of my books, Folklore, All Shall Suffer, and Folklore: The Second Tale, and did a brilliant job! In my first book, she found several pages of mistakes AFTER an editor had already gone through it. I couldn’t believe the mistakes she found. I hired her for the next one! She did an awesome job, she’s easy to work with, does not change an author’s voice, and I would highly recommend her!” *Chris Rush, International Bestselling Irish Horror Author


Please note:

These are just a few of the hundreds of authors whom I have interviewed on my Author Blog over the years however not all of them are clients. At the time, I was conducting weekly author interviews.


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